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The Positive Vibe Foundation Programs




Student graduates.

The Positive Vibe training program provides training in basic food and customer service skills.  It is hands on and in addition to training for specific tasks, it is also geared to develop confidence and self-esteem.  Graduates from the PVF training learn about cleaning and sanitizing, food safety, etc. along with communication and proper conduct in a workplace environment.  Students are ultimately qualified for a variety of customer service positions such as restaurant and grocery store staff, hospital delivery personnel, department store greeters/cart wranglers, and other hospitality related positions. The program is 4 weeks long and culminates in a graduation ceremony. 


Students are referred to the program through our partnerships with the Chesterfield, Henrico and Richmond school districts and other referral partners.  Independent students are also welcomed into the program. 


Bernard celebrates his graduation.



Graduates of the PVF training program were previously provided internship or employment opportunities through the Positive Vibe Café. When the café closed in 2020 at the beginning of COVID, those opportunities were no longer available.  In response, PVF created its job placement bureau to find opportunities for our graduates and alumni who are seeking internships or paid employment.  Workplace discrimination is a reality for people with disabilities and this program additionally helps educate business owners on the positive aspects of hiring individuals with disabilities.  In an effort to identify recent and former graduates who have the capacity and desire to work, we have developed a database that can be used to pair students with appropriate workplace opportunities as they become available. As we continue to build relationships with local employers and until paid employment is available to our students, we are providing our graduates with short-term opportunities that replicate a workplace environment. If you are interested in partnering in our job placement program, please contact our Executive Director, Michele Jones.

Students at Under the Clock Tower-cropped2.jpg

Positive Vibe graduates TyQuan, Matsue, and Tyriq helped sell hot chocolate and beautiful butterfly cookies at the Under the Clock Tower fundraising event.  They were paid for their work and their excitement translated into a desire for additional opportunities.


Jessie (formerly known as Andre) has taken his training to the Children’s Museum of Richmond where he works directly with the children and is considered a valuable employee.



An integral part of building confidence and self-esteem for our students and alumni is to create a sense of community.  We all need the chance to make and keep friendships.  The café previously functioned as a social center where students and alumni could meet and mingle, building camaraderie and connections with each other.  When the café closed, that opportunity for social engagement was lost. We have recreated that space for engagement through our “Finding and Keeping Community” program.  We provide a series of regularly scheduled events including game nights, special dinners, lectures, movies, arts and crafts, and more.  Some are held in our newly renovated offices and some are held off-site.  We welcome non-program graduates to our events as well.  These events also double as a time for caregiver respite. For more information on our community building program, please contact our Executive Director, Michele Jones.

valentines Day 2-cropped.jpg

First annual Valentines Day community event.

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