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The Positive Vibe Foundation

Purpose. Pride. Possibilities.

The Positive Vibe Foundation is wholeheartedly dedicated to providing transformative training and coaching to help individuals with disabilities lead fulfilling and independent lives.

Our Mission







Positive Vibe Foundation was founded by Garth Larcen in 2005 to help individuals with disabilities find meaningful employment. For more than 15 years the "Vibe" has trained more than 1,700 students, preparing them for work in the food service industry through the Positive Vibe Café.  At the beginning of COVID, the foundation made the difficult decision to close the café which had not only housed the training program but also provided internships for graduates.  Currently, the training program has expanded to embrace all aspects of customer service in both food service and retail.  The program has further expanded to include a job placement bureau and an alumni program that brings together alumni in friendship and community.  Learn more here.

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