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Mission Statement:

The Positive Vibe Foundation is wholeheartedly dedicated to providing transformative training and coaching to help individuals with disabilities lead fulfilling and independent lives.


Guiding Principles:

At Positive Vibe we believe:

  • Effective and inclusive training has power.

  • Every individual deserves the dignity and acceptance that comes from inclusion.

  • All of our program participants merit the opportunity to live confident, independent, and fulfilling lives.

  • Communities are stronger when people of all abilities are included and given a chance to share their value.

  • Collaboration creates positive change, meaningful opportunities, and a better world.

Meet our Executive Director

Michele Jones is a former restauranteur and owner of Comfort, Pasture, and Bingo Beer.  Her work in the nonprofit industry has previously been through her philanthropic efforts during her years dominating the Richmond restaurant scene.  As recently profiled in Richmond magazine, Michele established an annual tradition of giving back to her community by collecting coats and suitcases for kids in foster care.  She was named “World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer” Person of the Week for her efforts.  In 2018, Comfort partnered with Feed More to donate 100% of its proceeds to fight food insecurity.

While her history in the restaurant world might not seem to be the most logical choice to helm a nonprofit, she brings decades of experience in running large, complex, and successful public-facing organizations.  Her enthusiasm and energy, along with potential new community partners, is destined to uplift Positive Vibe’s students and expand their opportunities for finding purpose, passion and possibilities.

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Our Board of Directors

Gordon Macgill, Board Chair        

Melanie Hewes, Treasurer, CPA

Jason Alley, City of Richmond

Gail Dickens  

Will Fitzhugh, Attorney

Effy Green

Kim MacLeod, Attorney    

Bridget Mills

Matthew Reinaker, Esq.

Allyson Sladic, Attorney                

Linda Warren

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